Bits over the Air

Exploring Wireless Systems

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This week-long CATALYST design project will provide a unique hands-on-experience in wireless system design and expose the scholars to the broad range of fields covered by Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) with the goals of (i) learning how digital information (bits) is transmitted over the air and (ii) building a real-world wireless communication system.

With the acquired knowledge, scholars will then work in groups in order to build a robust wireless communication system that either maximizes the data rate or the communication range without errors and without causing interference to the other groups’ systems. In a final presentation, the groups will demonstrate the capabilities of their communication systems.


In the following PDFs, you will find the information you need to create your own acoustic wireless communication system! We will start by learning the basics of MATLAB programming. Then, we will learn how to produce sounds for our speaker from MATLAB, as well as how to receive sounds using a microphone, and how can we use different tools to analyze these received sounds. Finally, we will use all this knowledge to transmit information wirelessly from one point to the other!


These are the slides presented during the design project, including the ones used during the pre-labs held each day before working on the modules.


The following ZIP file includes all the MATLAB files that you will need to start your adventure of sending bits over the air!

ZIP file

MATLAB Software